Wisconsin DNR Hints that Statewide Kill Quota Will Be Ignored and Season Will Not Close

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As we pointed out earlier this week something very fishy is going on with the Wisconsin DNR and our wolf population. The silence of the DNR told us that as usual something nefarious was going on behind the scenes and that indeed appears to be the case. When the Wisconsin DNR and their anti-wolf group stacked sham “Wolf Advisor Committee” met earlier this year a statewide kill quota of 150 wolves was agreed upon by a majority of the group. Suspiciously as of today the DNR report 146 wolves “legally” killed. This number does not include the vast number of wolves killed illegally. Now there comes word that the Wisconsin DNR and their real estate developer turned political appointee secretary, Cathy Stepp, may ignore the 150 kill quota and allow the kill season to continue far beyond that number.

The situation has created a quandary for Cathy…

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Today’s Election and Vote / Patricia Randolph on WPR Tomorrow!

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 6:30 P.M.

Today is the day! Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic (WWE) has provided considerable background information regarding tonight’s meeting and what is at stake for our public lands and Wisconsin’s wildlife. We hope that you take the time to participate and make your voice heard!

WWE has carefully reviewed the DNR’s questionnaire that meeting registrants will be asked to complete. Because some of the questions may be unclear or confusing, we have prepared a guide that identifies, in our opinion, the most humane answer to each question. This information can be accessed by clicking on the following link:


As with any election, the power to vote and the choices you make are yours and yours alone. WWE thanks you for your interest and participation!

In response to urgent requests from several people to discuss the issues and clarify the election to the public so they could participate fully, WWE’s Patricia Randolph will be on Wisconsin Public Radio tomorrow morning (6 a.m.) with Joy Cardin). While we are expecting a simple wrap-up of tonight’s election and vote, it is nice to have a platform to further discuss the issues with listeners across the state. Thank you WPR!!

We know the show is very early, but it would be greatly appreciated if several of our members and Wisconsin residents favoring the humane treatment of our wildlife call in during the show to provide some balance to the discussion (we anticipate that pro-hunting and pro-trapping interests will be also calling in). We know that you can help Patricia get the word out regarding the issues associated with tonight’s Election and Vote!


Be a Delegate and Make a Difference!

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has provided a wealth of information regarding the upcoming DNR Election and Vote! We are happy to report that pro-wildlife candidates will be running for one or more delegate positions in several counties – but the truth is that as of right now, the candidates to be voted on in the majority of counties solely represent the pro-hunting and pro-trapping interests.

Are you satisfied with the status quo? Complacency by pro-wildlife organizations and Wisconsin residents at last year’s election has had disastrous consequences for wildlife. That election generated actions to implement: (1) a wolf hunt with killing quotas far more brutal than that faced in any of our neighboring states; (2) running dogs on wildlife letting them maim and kill prey; and (3) allowing the trapping & hunting in all state parks and public lands. What’s on the table for this year? Well, if anti-wildlife interests have their way, legislation that will: (1) allow hunters to gain access to private land without landowner permission to retrieve their dogs; (2) authorize the DNR to create a tundra swan hunt; (3) remove existing protection and allow the killing of Wisconsin’s rare albino deer; and (4) provide trappers with the ability to trap all night in our State parks, Stewardship lands, former wildlife refuges and all publicly purchased lands. This is sportsmanship? Is this acceptable to you? The power is in YOU running as a candidate and committing only 20 hours per year (four meetings – two in your County and two in Central Wisconsin).

What do you receive in return for such a small time commitment? Stand out and be heard. Learn more about wildlife. Bring accountability and real science into the DNR’s decision-making process. Influence the legislature so that the risk posed by hunting to willing participants AND the entire community is reduced. Help communicate that hunting is ineffective for solving human/deer conflicts for many reasons including the fact that the DNR intentionally keeps the deer population high for hunters. Provide valued input regarding objectionable practices such as canned hunting, trophy hunting, baiting and running packs of dogs on animals. Ensure that the lands managed for hunting in Wisconsin are not purchased and maintained by taxpayer money (about 90% of Wisconsin residents do not hunt). Have a voice in protecting our State’s natural ecosystems and with restoring the balance of animal populations. Be a steward to wildlife in Wisconsin, now and for generations to come!

A tutorial providing details regarding what to expect at the meeting (including the delegate nomination and election process) can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/214706026/2014-DNR-Election-and-Vote-Tutorial

If you are interested in putting your hat in the ring and have questions regarding becoming a delegate, please contact Patricia Randolph at Madravenspeak@gmail.com. She is monitoring interest as we’d like just one humane person running for each position so we do not split the vote.


VOTE to Elect Citizens’ Only Representation Deciding WISCONSIN’S NATURE & WILDLIFE POLICY
ALL CITIZENS ARE INVITED TO ELECT humane candidates & vote on 58 hunter / trapper generated killing proposals
Monday, April 14, 2014 in all 72 Wisconsin Counties
Registration opens at 6:30 p.m. with the ELECTION slated for 7:00 p.m. Lines are anticipated at certain locations, so please plan to arrive early, ELECTION INSIDE THE ROOM, then vote!

Madravenspeak Column # 86 Albino deer-1

One of 58 questions awaiting you: Would you favor legalizing trophy hunting our rare white and albino deer statewide? (Perhaps as few as 60? 70?…..So RARE despite being protected since the 1940’s)


Provide your input regarding DNR policy and initiatives by: Electing 2 of 5 delegates in your county who share your vision; and then Completing a Questionnaire.

Help replace Wisconsin’s current “take all” fishing, hunting and trapping practices with those that promote the preservation of natural ecosystems and the humane treatment of Wisconsin’s wildlife for our enjoyment and generations to come.

Contact Madravenspeak@gmail.com to learn about running as a candidate!

Join us at Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic – VOTE OUR WILDLIFE to stop the fast increasing war on wildlife in Wisconsin: http://www.wiwildlifeethic.org

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